The Knit Shop is now exclusively on Amazon!

Welcome to the next stitch in The Knit Shop's knitting journey.

Since its establishment on January 1, 2000, to its transformation into an all-digital format after 18 years, our knitting adventure has been truly remarkable.

As we embark on the year 2024, we are excited to announce a new chapter by merging our online knitting store with our presence on Amazon.

This strategic decision is driven by the fact that Amazon is the preferred shopping destination for 99% of our valued customers, renowned for its outstanding service across all aspects.

The Knit Shop, a dream nurtured by the unwavering determination of remarkable women, continues to thrive online, bringing our beloved yarns directly to your doorstep.

Blessings, Jean.
  • The Knit Shop is now exclusively on Amazon!

    The next stitch in The Knit Shop's tapestry. As we navigate 2024, we're embarking on a new venture by merging our online store with our Amazon presence. This strategic move is fueled by the reality that Amazon is where 99% of our cherished customers prefer to shop, known for its exceptional service in all facets.

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