Zauberball Crazy


75% Superwash Wool 25% Nylon


Zauberball has been kicked up a notch, as two strands of the main ply have been dyed individually and then twisted together for a crazy combination in Zauberball Crazy! The end result is a self-striping multi-colored pattern, with a bold variegated design! Made in Germany. Specifications: 75% Superwash Wool 25% Nylon, 459yds,  7.5sts=1inch, US 0-2

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

2528-dragon-eye, 2516-evening-hour, 2514-privy-councilor, 2475-background-noise, 2473-atractant, 2472-oranges, 2438-indigo, 2429-change-of-scenery, 2428-mud-wrap, 2427-foliage, 2404-deep-water, 2395-camouflage, 2389-anniversary-party, 2355-garden-party, 2337-mars-experiment, 2332-hourglass, 2312-piano-bar, 2311-route-66, 2292-Shooting Star, 2266-milestone, 2254-Cloud-8, 2250-Jack-likes-pants, 2248-cinnamon-bun, 2231-colorful-metal, 2204-green-week, 2170-pale-shimmer, 2136-the-lenz-is-there!, 2100-domino, 2099-pause-in-blue, 2095-indian-pink, 2092-chocolate-side, 2082-charisma, 1701-parrot, 1702-little-fox, 1699-Lilac-scent, 1660-riverbed, 1564 tropical fish, 1535-stone-washed, 1537-autumn-sun, 1511-submarine, 1507-autumn-wind