50% Acrylic, 40%Wool, 10%Nylon



This machine wash blend features a wide color range, an incredibly soft feel and yardage that goes on and on. Its unique fiber blend makes laundering a breeze and perfectly suited for easy care garments for both children and adults. Specifications: 50% Acrylic  40%Wool 10%Nylon  217yds,  4.5-5 sts=1 inch,  US 7-8

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

51191-blue-moon, 51190-cerulean, 51182-indigo, 51180-grapefruit, 51176-fuschia, 51173-forest-floor, 51168-petals, 51105-petunia, 51103-clary-sage, 51102-toast, 5199-sage, 5197-neptune, 5189-charcoal, 5187-dungaree, 5185-tide-pool, 5184-sloe-berry, 5183-lilacs, 5182-black-current, 5181-black-cherry, 5170-sapphire, 5169-lapis, 5164-tang, 5155-delphinium, 5153-blue-note, 5152-misteltoe, 5151-cardinal, 5150-berries, 5149-forget-me-not, 5146-azure, 5145-cast-iron, 5144-cork, 5143-dark-denim, 5142-jade, 5136-bird's-egg, 5135-holly, 5132-sky-blue, 5131-mellow, 5127-butternut, 5126-watermelon, 5124-kiwi, 5123-blush, 5121-sunny, 5120-gingham, 5114-aster, 5113-misty, 5112-minty, 5110-fondant, 5109-storm, 5102-butter-cream, 5101-mochi