Ultimate Sweater Book by Amy Herzog


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Ultimate Sweater Book by Amy Herzog

from Amy”  My Ultimate Sweater Book is designed to be a comprehensive, everything-you-need-to-know reference for designing and modifying sweater patterns. Need some detail about fibers and fabric? Drop-shoulder formulas? Modifying an hourglass pattern into an a-line one? Adding a pocket? Whatever else you might be thinking of?

I’ve got you covered.”

Just some of the areas that are covered:

  • Knit to Flatter: Talks about clothing and visuals. Wonder why you like V-necks but hate scoops? The basics of manipulating body shape with clothes? This is the book.
  • Knit Wear Love: Kind of like CustomFit before CustomFit. It’s a giant book of mix-and-match options for any yarn you might happen to have on hand.
  • You Can Knit That: Takes a basic, 10,000-foot view of successful sweaters, of all major varieties. Great for beginners, and also for experienced knitters who may not have thought holistically about sweaters.
  • Ultimate Sweater Book: When you’re wondering how to do any kind of off-roading or designing in your garments, this book will give you clear answers and guidance.