100% Merino Superwash



Malabrigo Rios takes the incredible softness of Malabrigo’s yarns and makes it machine washable! This plied yarn comes in rich, beautiful colors, and you won’t have to worry about felting. Please note: Malabrigo Rios is produced in dye lots of 10. Any order for more than 10 skeins will be of mixed dye lots.

Specifications: 100% Merino Superwash   210yds, 4.5-5.5sts=1inch, US 6-8

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

894-cielo-y-tierra, 886-diana, 880-hojas, 877-queguay, 872-purpuras, 871-playa, 870-candombe, 869-cumparsita, 866-arco-iris, 863-zarzamora, 862-piedras, 859-prima-vera, 856-azules, 855-aguas, 850-archangel, 848-sand-storm, 847-tormenta, 845-cirrhus-grey, 843-cloud-sunshine, 842-illusion, 841-tranquilo, 809-solis, 689-valentina, 688-yerba, 687-aquamarine, 683-cian, 618-liquid-ambar, 611-ravelry-red, 416-indiecieta, 415-mattise-blue, 412-teal-feather, 247-whales-road, 227-volcan, 195-black, 150-azul-profundo, 148-hollyhock, 139-pocion, 138-ivy, 136-sabiduria, 133-reflecting-pool, 131-sand-bank, 128-fresco-y-seco, 122-niebla, 121-marte, 120-lotus, 96 Sunset, 93-fucsia, 83-water-green, 69-pearl-ten, 66-lavanda, 63-natural, 57-english-rose, 52-paris-night, 51-vaa, 49-jupiter, 48-glitter, 43-plomo, 37-lettuce, 36-pearl, 35-frank-ochre, 33-cereza, 30-purple-mystery, 27-bobby-blue, 16-glazed-carrot, 11-apple-green, 05-anniversario