100% Super Bulky Single Ply Slightly Felted Merino Wool


Malabrigo Rasta is a super soft, super bulky yarn available in breath-taking colors! We’re sure you’ll love this as much as all of the other yarns from Malabrigo. Rasta must be touched! Made in Uruguay.Note: As with all hand-dyed yarns, colors vary .

Specifications: 100% Super Bulky Single Ply Slightly Felted Merino Wool   89yds |2sts=1inch(approx),  US-13

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

885-arequita, 884-boreal, 883-sheri, 881-lluvias, 877-queguay, 873-stitch-red, 868-coronilla, 867-soriano, 866-arco-iris, 865-baya-electica, 864-porrinho, 863-zarzamora, 862-piedras, 861-laguna-negra, 860-oxido, 856-azules, 853-abril, 852-persia, 850-archangel, 849-sombras, 809-solis, 808-violetta-africana, 708-cucumber, 707-melon, 706-cosmos, 703-almond-blossom, 689-valentina, 696-whole-grain, 687-aquamarine, 683-cian, 611-ravelry-red, 600-bahamas-green, 599-fiesta-red, 429-cape-cod-grey, 416-indiecita, 415-matisse-blue, 412-teal-feather, 398-rosalinda, 247-whales-road, 249-talisman, 199-yo-yo, 198-candy-cane, 197-boomerang, 193-jacinto, 191-trompo, 190-draco, 189-amatista, 188-neptuno, 187-mercurio, 185-molino, 182-tundra, 180-cherry-vanilla, 178-unicorn-bark, 177-blueberry-cream, 174-carousel, 172-campfire, 171-snake, 170-pensmiento, 169-xilofono, 168-costa, 167-mejillon, 150-azul-profundo, 136-sabiduria, 133-reflecting-pool, 121-marte, 120-lotus, 195-black, 96 Sunset, 93-fucsia, 86-verde-azul, 77-belgian-chocolate, 75-garden-gate, 69-pear-ten, 63-natural, 57-english-rose, 52-paris-night, 43-plomo, 37-lettuce, 35-frank-ochre, 30-purple-mystery, 23-pagoda, 16-glazed-carrot, 11-apple-green, 010-fluo, 5-anniversario