PSC882 John’s Guernsey Child’s


PSC882 John’s Guernsey Child’s

Yarn: Sport Weight
Level: Intermediate
Sizes: 2 throuh 12

This Guernsey was designed more than two decades ago to celebrate the birth of my son. John’s Guernsey also gives a masculine mate for the Gretel (Pattern #C876), which is a popular design in our collection.

The body, knit on #5 Circular needles, is worked in Plain Knit decorated with bands of purl rows. The yoke, knit on #4 Single Pointed needles (the smaller needle helps to keep the stitches crisp), is adorned with several handsome and ancient Scottish Fleet patterns. The Guernsey traits of knitting in the round, the drop-shoulder and the decorated yokes all contribute to make this a timeless design. Knitters also enjoy that endearing ‘ganzee’ feature– when your knitting is done, your sweater is done. Not a single seam!


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