PSC876 Child’s Gretel


PSC876 Child’s Gretel

Yarn: Sport Weight
Level: Intermediate
Sizes: 2 through 12

Now in its ninth printing, Gretel is a perennial favorite and a well-loved design for young girls. Knit in the round on #5 Circular needles, the body and the shank of the sleeves are worked in Plain Knit. The yoke, worked on #4 Single Pointed needles, is adorned with a border of raised hearts and Seed Stitch. The smaller needles used on the yokes help the knitter to keep the stitching crisp.

This is an easy pullover for the intermediate knitter and has the additional Guernsey feature of no seams. When your knitting is done, the sweater is done!

Because the design features detailed stitching and purls worked against a knit background, Gretel is best worked in smooth, evenly spun yarns.


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