PSC818 Owl Cardigan & Cap


PSC818 Owl Cardigan & Cap

Penny Straker Designs

Yarn: Sport Weight
Level: Intermediate
Sizes: 2, 4, 6 & 8/S, L

Owl, the young child’s version of Baby Owl, continues to be a cherished and captivating design. Grown women ask for an adult version! I’m thinking on that.

To celebrate Owl’s ninth printing, I designed a matching cap with owls all around, topped with a small tassel. Back Crosses and Front Crosses create the little owls sitting on tree branches.

Knit on #5 needles, the owls show to best advantage worked in smooth worsted spun yarns in wool, cotton or fiber blends. The hardest part of making Owl & Cap is sewing on all 32 tiny pearl owls’ eyes, while keeping each of them perfectly vertical!



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