PSB818 Baby Owl Set


PSB818 Baby Owl Set

Penny Straker Design

Yarn: Fingering Weight
Level: Intermediate
Sizes: 6, 12, & 24 Months/S, L

No one knows who originally created the little owls made with Back Crosses and Front Crosses. My mother, Janice Straker, designed this charming baby sweater decades ago for my sister and me. In the early ‘80s Mom designed the traditional ‘Owl’ bonnet, tied with 1⁄4” ribbon.

The set is knit on #2 needles and is lovely in wool, cotton or cotton/wool blends. Superwash wools are wonderful for all baby knits because this European process yields wool machine-washable and whisper-soft, which does not irritate even the most sensitive baby’s skin.

The Owls’ eyes are tiny 1⁄4” mother-of-pearl two-hole buttons. The most challenging task in making Owl is sewing these tiny buttons on so that they are perfectly placed as the owls’ eyes and vertical! Now in its tenth printing, it continues to be a cherished baby set.


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