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Peargirl Carrot Top Bunny Knitting Pattern

In Aztec mythology, a pantheon of four hundred rabbit gods known as Centzon Totochtin,
led by Ometotchtli or Two Rabbit, represented fertility, parties, and drunkenness. It’s fun
to imagine them having a wild party in the garden by the light of the moon while the world
sleeps, oblivious to the fun they’re having.
The Carrot Top Bunny is knit in one piece, and the arms and legs are attached afterward.
The short overalls have suspenders that criss-cross in the back, and the Carrot Top hat is
knit in one piece and lightly stuffed with roving to keep its shape.
Size :
Approximately 7-8” from tip of hat to toe.
Dalegarn Baby Ull (165 meter/181 yds/50 g), or any fingering yarn, in colors of your
choosing. Small amounts left over from other projects work well. I used White for the
Bunny, and Orange, Green and Blue for the hat and clothing.
? A small amount of Black embroidery thread or fine yarn is needed for eyes and nose.
? Needles ~ 2.75mm (#2 US) Double Point Needles (DPN)
? Locking Stitch Markers and Stitch Holders ~ for holding live stitches.
? Small Coil-less Safety Pin ~ to mark beginning of round. I use a small coil-less safety pin
and pin it below the needles, rather than on the needles, moving it as the need arises.
? Tapestry needle ~ for weaving in ends and stitching eyes.
? Small amount of clean, carded wool for stuffing head and abdomen.
Gauge :
Gauge is not crucial, but the stitches should be tight enough so stuffing doesn’t show thru.

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