Nature Spun Sport


100% Wool


Nature Spun Sport

Nature Spun Sport has a huge color line, including undyed naturals and dyed colors, so it is a great choice for Fair Isle sweaters. It is soft and warm but strong enough to work as warp for a weaving project. Most colors felt well, but #0740 Snow will not felt. Natural #0730 will felt, but it takes more effort than the other colors so it is best not to mix it with colors in a single piece to be wet felted. It has been permanently mothproofed.

Specifications: 100% Wool   184yds, 6sts=1inch, US-5

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

n94-bevs-bear, n93-latte, n91-aran, n89-roasted-coffee, n87-victorian-pink, n85-peruvian-pink, n78-turquoise-wonder, n65-sapphire, n60-purple-splendor, n59-butterfly-blue, n56-meadow-green, n54-orange-you-glad, n48-scarlett, n46-red-fox, n39-navy-night, n36-china-blue, n30-nordic-blue, n27-monument-green, n25-enchanted-forest, n17-french-clay, n03-grey-heather, 880-charcoal, 740-snow, 730-natural, 720-ash, 701-stone-light-brown, 601-pepper, 308-sunburst-gold, 307-lullaby, 305-impasse-yellow, 225-brick-road, 207-alpine-violet, 205-regal-purple, 158-fanciful-blue, 155-bamboo, 147-true-blue-navy, 146-pomegranate, 144-limestone, 135-hurricane-seas, 132-baked-beans, 125-goldenrod, 124-butterscotch, 123-saddle-tan, 120-cresting-wave, 117-winter-blue, 115-bit-of-blue, 114-storm-dark-brown, 112-elf-green, 109-spring-green, 108-cherry-delight, 105-bougainvillea, 103-deep-sea, 101-burnt-sienna