Nashua Handknits #1 Magazine


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Nashua Handknits #1 Magazine

Patterns break down as follows:

Child/unisex sizing:  1 sweater
Child/women’s sizing:  4 sweaters
Women’s sizing:  14 sweaters
One size for all (all accessories):  3

By style, you’ll find:

3 vests
2 scarves
1 bag
4 pullovers
13 cardigans (note that one pattern is given both for cardigan and pullover and is therefore counted twice)

The yarns used all knit in the 4 to 5 sts per inch range, with nine patterns using a worsted-weight (5 sts to the inch) yarn, four using yarn that normally knits at 4.5 sts per inch, and nine using yarn that knits at 4 sts per inch.  (Because many of the patterns use texture, lace and/or cables, altering the gauge, it’s probably more accurate to look at the stockinette-stitch gauge of the yarn, for apples-to-apples comparisons.)  Should you wish to substitute yarns, it wouldn’t be particularly hard to swap them out.

Other nice touches include photographs of all of the colors of the yarns used; a guide listing all the Nashua yarns, fiber content, yardage and approximate gauge (I love charts like this; if a yarn should get discontinued, it makes it easy to find a good substitute with all this info handy); and an overview of all the patterns with thumbnail photos and page numbers.

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