Malabrigo Worsted


100% Merino


Kettle Dyed incredible soft Merino wool. With the subtle variations in color and texture only hand dyed yarns have and all the sensuality of a good handspun yarn.Malabrigo Worsted is a gorgeous, pure merino wool. Malabrigo is unbelievable – the colors are spectactular, the feel is incredibly soft. You won’t believe how amazing Malabrigo is until you feel it!

Specifications: 100% Merino   215yds, 4.5sts=1inch, US-7-9

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

300-a-apple-hollyhock-fucsia-blue, 308-g-lettuce-sealing-wax-orange-red-roanoke, 309-K Frank Ochre Olive Jacinto Violetas, 631-hiroshige, 630-comfy-junkie, 628-malambo, 627-milonga, 625-kaleidos, 624-coco, 623-nostalgia, 622-sfo-sky, 615-Sotobosque, 616-plena, 611-raverly-red, 609-purple-magic, 608-bijou-blue, 607-vertiver, 606-frost-gray, 602-pale-khaki, 601-simply-taupe, 512-chestnut, 510-chapel-stone, 509-sweet-grape, 506-mint, 505-moss, 504-rattan, 503-strawberry-fields, 502-american-beauty, 501-cabernet, 247-whales-road, 239-sapphire-magenta, 204-velvet-grapes, 195-black, 193-jacinto, 192-periwinkle, 186-buscando-azul, 184-shocking-pink, 179-black-forest, 159-sea-reef, 154-maracaibo, 150-azul-profundo, 148-holly-hock, 145-forest, 140-dark-earth, 135-emerald, 130-damask-rose, 117-verde-adriana, 113-jaen, 102-sealing-wax, 99-stone-blue, 98-tuareg, 97-cuarzo, 96-sunset, 93-fucsia, 92-little-lovely, 88-indigo, 83-water-green, 80-azul-bolita, 74-polvorienta, 73-uva, 69-pearl-ten, 68-violetas, 63-natural, 62-marine, 56-olive, 52-paris-night, 51-vaa, 50-roanoke, 44-geranio, 41-burgundy, 37-lettuce, 35-frank-ochre, 32-jewel-blue, 30-purple-mystery, 28-blue-surf, 27-bobby-blue, 26-continental-blue, 24-vermillion, 23-pagoda, 22-sauterne, 21-cactus-flower, 20-cypress, 19-pollen, 17-pink-frost, 16-glazed-carrot, 11-apple-green, 4-sapphire-green, 012-very-berry