Lykke Crochet Hook Set


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Lykke Crochet Hook Set

This set is ensconced in a Grey Suede Look Folding Case and contains 10 6″ Driftwood Hooks.

These are super smooth, hard birch with a varying greyish, driftwood-like finish, pointy tips, smooth throats, and the sizes etched into the shiny black metal endcaps.

The set contains 10 hooks, sizes E/3.50mm through M/9.00mm, nestled securely into a charcoal faux denim folding case with two spare pockets.

The set includes 6″:

US E-4 /3.5mm

US F-5 /3.75mm

US G-6 /4mm

US 7 /4.5mm

US H-8 /5mm

US I-9 /5.5mm

US J-10 /6mm

US K-10.5 /6.5mm

US L-11 /8mm

US M-13 /9mm






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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 in