Lang Jawoll Reinforcement thread


75% Virgin Wool, 25% Nylon,



Lang Jawoll reinforcement thread

Reinforcement Thread is great for reinforcing the toes & heels of socks. You can even knit or crochet the thread along with another favorite sock yarn in either a complementary or contrasting color for added durability!

Specifications: 75% Virgin Wool  25% Nylon  46yds

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

0032-cadet-blue, 0056-red, 0060-orange-red, 0061-red, 0067-deep-brown, 0069-denim, 0084-burgundy, 0094-warm-white, 0095-milk-chocolate-brown, 0098-forest-green, 0119-pink, 0120-baby-blue-dc-color, 0150-gold, 0159-orange, 0168-brown, 0188-teal-green, 0220-baby-blue, 0235-brite-blue, 0248-dusty-pink, 0264-mauve, 0279-turquoise, 0290-dk-purple, 0379-mint, 0380-lilac