LA3727 Leisure Arts Knitted Gifts (Better Homes & Garden)


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LA3727 Leisure Arts Knitted Gifts (Better Homes & Garden)

One of the best things about giving a gift is knowing you have the perfect present picked out. And since you’re a knitter, you can make your “shopping” carefree by simply thumbing through this book. There are 30 gift ideas to please trend-conscious ‘tweens and teens, choosy adults, babies, and tots, even the family pet. Select gifts to make in a jiffy or at your leisure, get those needles clicking, and enjoy!

30 Projects: Spa Cloths, Big-Dots Bag, Felted Clutch, Exercise Mat and Tote, Socks, Prayer Shawl, Scallops-and-Squares Throw, Man’s Argyle Sweater, Golf Club Covers, Mittens, Cap and Mittens Set, Cardigan and Purse, Toddler Jacket and Pants, Rainbow Blanket, Sweater and Cap, “My Doll Looks Like Me” Set, Pet Pillow, and Bow Wow! Collars

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