FTS2011 Shoalwater Shawl


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FTS2011 Shoalwater Shawl

Design by Evelyn A. Clark

Like waves in shallow water, Old Shale lace creates ripples across this simple, garter stitch lace shawl. Knit from the top down, this triangular shawl is bound off with an easy picot edging.

Blocked Size: About 40″ (102cm) deep by 80″ (203cm) across top in fingering, sport or DK, following the suggested number repeats.
In lace weight, with 4 repeats of lace pattern, shawl will measure about 36″ (91cm) deep by 72″ (183cm) across. Change the number of pattern repeats for a smaller or larger shawl.

Needles: 29″ or 32″ (72 or 80 cm) circular in size for your yarn; one larger double pointed [dp] needle for I-cord edge; a spare dp or circular about 2 sizes smaller than the shawl needle.

Yarn Requirements and Needle Sizes:
Lace wt: 1200 yds; US 6 (4mm) circular and one size 7 (4.5mm) dp.
Fingering wt: 1400 yds; US 7 (4.5mm) circular and one size 9 (5.5mm) dp.
Sport wt: 1150 yds; US 9 (5.5mm) circular and one size 10 (6.5mm) dp.
DK wt: 850 yds; US 10 (6.5mm) circular and one size 13 (9mm) dp.

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