FTAC39 Lace Moebius Scarf


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FTAC39 Lace Moebius Scarf

Design by Sarah Hauschka

A true Moebius strip has only one surface, and only one edge.  Intriguing to knit, this geometric oddity makes a beautiful yet functional scarf. When placed around the neck, it crosses itself in front and stays in place. If looped again around the neck, it becomes a snug neck scarf and if you pull one edge up over your head it becomes a wimple, as shown at top in photo.

Size: Approximately 52″ (132cm) in circumference and 16″ (40cm) wide.

Yarn Requirements:
450 yards (411m) of a soft lace or fingering weight yarn.

Scarf shown is made in lace weight mohair.

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