FTAC16 Felt Winter Caps


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FTAC16 Felt Winter Caps

Three children’s and three adult Sizes.  Use worsted weight yarn to make children’s sizes and bulky weight yarn to make adult

Sizes: Cap in worsted weight will fit children’s head.  Size up to 18″ (19″, 21″) (46 (49.5, 53) cm).

Cap in bulky weight will fit adult head.  Sizes up to 22″ (23″, 25″) (56 (60, 63.5) cm).   Exact finished size is controlled during felting.

Yarn Requirements: Choose a wool or other natural fiber that will felt easily.  All yarns felt differently, so always test felt a sample.

Child’s cap requires approximately 130 (160, 180) yds (119 (145, 165) meters) of worsted weight yarn.
Adult cap requires approximately 150 (180, 210) yds (137 (165, 192) meters) of bulky weight yarn.

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