EL15 Out of the Blue Elsbeth Lavold


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EL15 Out of the Blue Elsbeth Lavold

Elsebeth Lavold enjoys exploring patterns and techniques that yield very different results from what you would expect when seeing a chart, or from what she anticipated when starting a swatch. This book is, in a sense, a display of her research.
But, as is her trademark, she takes her experiments a step further, and carefully matches them with yarn character and garment shape to produce exquisite design. The Out of the Blue Collection is full of examples of technical skills plus creativity that add up to beautiful knitwear.
This does not mean that all of the designs are difficult to knit. Maze (on the front cover), with its intricate pattern that gave the design its name, is a project for the intermediate knitter. But Cipher, a pretty mother-and-child combo that Elsebeth herself names as a wardrobe staple, is one of the easy-to-knit designs.
The fun and youthful sweater Exact, with its egg carton-like pattern, could very well be a first lace project. The striking his-and-hers design Pod (on the back cover), with its asymmetrically placed pod-like “bumps”, is classified as intermediate.
Regardless your skill level, if you enjoy fun knitting with unexpected results coming from your needles, there is a good chance you will find a favorite in The Out of the Blue Collection.

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