EL11 The Sunny Side Collection Elsbeth Lavold


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EL11 The Sunny Side Collection Elsbeth Lavold

The Sunny Side Collection is the most summery, relaxed, and easy-to-knit collection from Elsebeth Lavold to date. Featuring her line of top-quality yarns including “Hempathy” & “Silky Wool,” most of the designs are less demanding to knit, but it wouldn’t be an Elsebeth Lavold collection if it didn’t also include challenges for the advanced knitter. Both knitters who appreciate Elsebeth Lavold’s more classical and stylish designs and those who have waited for her to show a little more wild side have a good chance of finding a favorite in The Sunny Side Collection. The 20 designs include a solid colored shell, an intricately patterned jacket, a multi-colored wrap cardigan, a man’s pullover and much more.

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