Cotton Classic


100% Mercerized Cotton


Tahki Cotton Classic is indeed one of the classics. This mercerized cotton yarn is perfect for all kinds of projects; from baby to adult – accessories to sweaters to blankets. With over 60 colors of Tahki Cotton Classic, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. Made in Greece. Specifications: 100% Mercerized Cotton  108 yds,  5 sts=1 inch,  US-6

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

3997 Bright Red, 3995-deepest-red, 3970-dark-salmon, 3948-grape, 3942-dark-lavendar, 3939-bright-purple, 3922-periwinkle, 3876-dark-french-blue, 3873-dark-royal-blue, 3872-deep-lavendar, 3856-deep-indigo, 3830-bright-turquoise, 3816-soft-turquiose, 3812-light-blue, 3807-dark-turquiouse, 3803-sky-blue, 3784-deepest-teal, 3726-bright-lime, 3723-light-lime, 3722-lt-spring-green, 3533-bright-yellow, 3461-light-plum, 3449-bubblegum, 3446-light-pink, 3445-cyclamen, 3443-cotton-candy, 3437-rose, 3432-burgundy, 3328-chocolate, 3412-bright-red-orange, 3407-dark-brick, 3402-dark-orange, 3336-bittersweet, 3248-milk-chocolate, 3204-taupe, 3203-lt-milk-choc, 3202-almond, 3009-grey, 3004-stee-grey