Berroco Comfort is Berroco’s “new and improved” classic American worsted weight yarn. Comfort is an ultra-soft blend of Super Fine Acrylic and Super Fine Nylon and spun into a luxury twist. The yarn is easy care — machine wash and dry. Affordably priced, Comfort is available in an exquisite range of solids, heathers and print shades

Specifications: 100%Acrylic  210 yds,  4.5-5 sts=1 inch,  US 8-9

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

9839 Maine Woods, 9838-raspberry-tart, 9837-sanibel-island, 9836-finnians-rainbow, 9833-security-blanket, 9813-multi-brights, 9810-nosegay-mix-pinks, 9806-sachet-mix, 9808-galaxy-mix, 9793-boysenberry-heather-plum, 9792-hackberry-heather-green, 9791-gooseberry-heather-lime, 9786-coffeeberry-heather, 9785-Falseberry Heather, 9783-persimmon, 9777-holly, 9772-blue-angel, 9770-ash-grey, 9762-spruce, 9760-beet-root, 9758-crypto-crystalline, 9756-copen-blue, 9755-wild-cherry, 9754-rabe, 9753-agean-sea, 9752-adirondack-green, 9750-primary-red, 9745-filbert, 9743-goldenrod, 9742-pimpernel, 9741-bittersweet, 9739-grape-jelly, 9737-aster, 9736-primary-blue, 9734-licquourice, 9732-primary-yellow, 9726-cornflower, 9725-dutch-teal, 9724-pumpkin, 9723-rosebud, 9714-robins-egg, 9713-dusk, 9703-barley, 9700-white