Burly Spun


100% Single Ply Wool


Burly Spun

This super bulky yarn is spun from 100% USA wool that is dyed into 31 solid colors. Burlyspun is for anyone who wants instant gratification and total satisfaction. Use 4 for a quick top down sweater.

Specifications: 100% Single Ply Wool,  132 yds,  2.5 sts=1 inch,  US-13

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

255-rosey-velvet, 215-tormented-teal, 205-grassy-knoll, 199-spring-bluebel, 197-baby-blush, 194-blue-suede, 192-caribbean-waves, 191-kiwi, 188-monarch-butterfly, 181-prairie-fire, 180-ruby-red, 177-dewberry-dream, 176-precious lavender, 165-christmas-green, 164-spicy-mustard, 154-rooster-red, 155-lemondrop, 120-limeade, 115-oatmeal, 101-bingcherry, 82 Blue Flannel, 79-blue-boy, 78-aztec-turquoise, 62-amethyst, 38-lotus-pink, 29-jacks-plum, 23-fuchsia, 010-cream, 07-sable, 06-deep-charcoal, 05-black, 04-charcoa-heather, 03-grey-heather