Berroco244 Touche & Cotton Twist Booklet


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Berroco244 Touche & Cotton Twist Booklet contains 7 women’s knits including something for everyone.


#7 Megan

Please substitute the following for Back and Front Short Rows.


Short Rows:

Row 1 (RS): K2, p6(8-8-9-5-9), turn.

Row 2 (WS): Sl 1, k5(7-7-8-4-8), p2.

Row 3: K2, p10(12-13-14-11-15), turn.

Row 4: Sl 1, k9(11-12-13-10-14), p2.

Row 5: K2, p14(16-18-19-17-21), turn.



Short Rows:

Row 1 (WS): P2, k6(8-8-9-5-9), turn.

Row 2 (RS): Sl 1, p5(7-7-8-4-8), k2.

Row 3: P2, k10(12-13-14-11-15), turn.

Row 4: Sl 1, p9(11-12-13-10-14), k2.

Row 5: P2, k14(16-18-19-17-21), turn.

The directions for both as how to keep adding stitches is correct.

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