AN52 Scarf Collection


AN52 Scarf Collection

Here is another in the series of “Scarves to Knit.” These are simple scarves suitable for the beginner or advanced knitter alike. In some cases they look advanced because interesting yarn takes on a real fashion look Use your imagination!

Combine a couple of yarns to create a new yarn. Scarf pattern provides for 6″ or 8″ widths in various widths and includes various gauges and needle sizes with approximate yardage for each gauge and length.

Make it as long as you want. Add tassles or fringe. Designs include: Broken Rib; Seed Stitch’ Diamonds; Striped Garter Ridge; Seaperson’s Scarf; Garter Stitch and Cowl Collar. Yardage is approximately 200-500 yards with gauge ranges of 2.5 stitches = 1″ to 5.5 stitches = 1″.


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