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TURBO GAUGE  BLACK or RED Individual knitting needle gauge. These gauges are actually black – and measure needle sizes from 000 to 15. There is also a 2″ window for measuring your swatch

The addi® Needle Gauge is a must have when you work with addi® needles!

This frame will only work with addi® needles (with the exception of addi® Rocket2 [squared] needles), as they are designed to the exact metric sizes. Other needle brands will not gauge correctly on this tool!

Weight: .2 oz


addi Get Gauge Needle & Crochet Hook Gauge Heart Shaped

The addi heart-shaped needle gauge is a cute way to quickly and easily obtain sizing for knitting needles and crochet hooks. Instead of sliding your needle into the gauge, you simply place the needle tip or hook shank into the appropriate opening on the side of the gauge. The gauge provides exact metrics, to provide precise sizing every time. Tuck this adorable gauge in with your needles or hooks, and you’ll always be able to find the right size for your project.


addi Turbo Gauge Squared

The Katrinkles for Skacel Rocket2 [Squared] Needle Gauge is custom made to measure the unique square shape of the addi Rocket2 [Squared] needles. A new favorite of knitters for their ergonomic and stitch-evening design, Rocket2 [Squared] needles have everything going for them—except the ability to be measured in a standard needle gauge. This birch wood gauge solves that issue with the style we’ve become accustomed to from Katrinkles, making it easy to check which size needle you grabbed in an instant.


addi Gauge Calibro Set

The Calibro Wooden Needle Gauge Set is perfect for any addi lover in your life! This gauge for standard and Rocket2 [squared] knitting needles, crochet hooks, and a handy ruler all rolled into one set. Made with a natural, sturdy, yet lightweight wood Calibro will give you the info you need without weighing you down!



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