219x Here Kitty Kitty Toy


219x Here Kitty Kitty Toy

Design by Bev Galeskas

Welcome a new kitty into your home. This one will sit beside you while you knit without ever attacking your yarn. Knit with a strand of wool and a strand of “fur” novelty yarn.

Finished Sizes: Kitty shown is about 10″ (25cm) long, excluding tail. Your choice of yarn and the amount of felting will determine the finished size of your kitty.

Yarn Requirements: For a kitty as shown, use a strand of wool that felts easily and a strand of novelty “fur” yarn or long haired mohair.
Yardage: Approximately 180 yds (165m) of wool and 150 yds (137m) of novelty yarn. Yardage will vary if using different size needles or if you are using one yarn throughout.

Needles: US size 11 (8mm) 24″ (60 cm) circular and two size 13 (9 mm) double pointed needles.


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